Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.34.39 PMAn example of a web quest that relates to my subject field is this one on ‘Journalists in Action.’

If I were to create one for my courses, I would possibly do one on what’s been a burning question from many of my students: “Are there jobs in journalism?”

Three online sites that I would leverage for this would be:

Media Job Search Canada — This site would allow students to ‘scan’ the journalism/new media job market and start thinking about what’s out there.

This Government of Canada ‘Labour Market Indicator’ Provides some hard data about journalism jobs in Canada, future prospects and warning indicators to be aware of.

Another great resource would be this site which offers advice to would-be journalists from young professionals who only recently started out in the field. It’s solutions-focused material that my students could relate to, like this.

I would also want them to reference this The Walrus piece so that they get a good idea of salary ranges, and how valuable the multiple skills they are learning are to modern J-employers.

They would also be asked to reference the outcomes of this webinar on “becoming an entrepreneurial journalist.” I am always coaching my students to think of ways to stand out in a tough field without having an end goal of going to work at some major news outlet that will ‘take care’ of them for the rest of their lives. That just doesn’t happen (much, or often) at all any more — except for the most talented, top-tier, young reporters.

The more they learn to develop new ideas and models — in other words, become creators of knowledge, not just disseminators — the more rewarding and self-sufficient their careers will be.



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